Discovering Alabama
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If you can't get out, get in to the wild virtually. No need to pack a lunch, just grab your mouse and go. There are several ways you can start your adventure.

1.) You can click on the Introduction Video above for a special message from the host of Discovering Alabama, Dr. Doug Phillips.

2.) Click on a tab at the top to go straight to the subjecct that interests you: Rivers, Forests, Geology, or Wildlife.

3.) Click on the Interactive Map and explore the state by region.
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Alabama Overview

Click on the Map and explore your state from north to south, east to west. You'll discover new ways of looking at Alabama that may surprise you.

Waters to the Seas


Here you will find Links to sources of information that will help you expand your Virtual Field Trip

Discovering Alabama
The University of Alabama
Box 870340
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0340 205.348.2039
Ask the Expert

Satisfy your curiosity with knowledge from the best scientific minds in Alabama. Click Ask the Expert to submit a photo for identification or to ask a question. Fossils, rocks, birds, snakes, bugs, clouds, you name it, there's a scientist at Ask the Expert who can give you the answer you're looking for.