Discovering Alabama

Alabama Overview
Most people have a “road map” image of their state, yet there are many more fascinating ways to look at Alabama.

Alabama Rivers Map
Alabama Forests Map
Alabama Geology Map
Alabama Wildlife Maps
Alabama might be called “The Aquatic State” for its remarkable richness of rivers, wetlands, and bays. Click on RIVERS above to dive into the wet world of Discovering Alabama Rivers. Vibrant, green forests adorn more than 22 million acres of the Alabama landscape. With almost 200 kinds of native trees, our state has more than twice the tree species found in all of New England. Click on FORESTS above to explore the verdant lands of Discovering Alabama Forests. Alabama’s geology gives rise to our mountains, sculpts basins for our rivers, provides foundation for our forests, and lays the groundwork for a unique array of wildlife. Click on GEOLOGY above to begin your Virtual Field Trip exploring the heights and depths of Discovering Alabama Geology. A varied geology, a myriad of waters, and a fertile landscape make for a range of ecoregions and a mix of habitat that give home to a diversity of critters large and small. Click on WILDLIFE above to meet many of the non-human residents to be found in Discovering Alabama Wildlife.


Maps Provided by The Geological Survey of Alabama and The University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences Cartographic Research Laboratory and Discovering Alabama