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The wondrous variety of Alabama trees, impressive to biologists since the time of William Bartram, is minimized by our tendency to speak of Alabama’s forest diversity in simple terms, as “hardwoods” or “pines.” This overgeneralization is applied even by state forestry officials, who divide Alabama into five major forest types: Longleaf pine-Slash pine, Loblolly pine-Shortleaf pine, Oak-Pine, Oak-Hickory, and Oak-Gum-Cypress. These categories are helpful to the extent that they match major areas of the state with common kinds of forest dominance, as shown in [the map]. However, Alabama’s forest diversity is far richer than represented by such a simplified portrayal.
—Doug Phillips, Discovering Alabama Forests, p. 44

Some of the best places to experience Alabama’s forest variety are our Alabama State Parks and the National Forests In Alabama.


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2. Cheaha Mountain/Talladega National Forest
5. Talladega National Forest/Oakmulgee Division
12. Oak Mountain State Park
19. A Walk in the Woods
20. Alabama Forests
23. Sipsey Wilderness
29. & 30. Longleaf Pine & Ecosystem
32. Alabama Trees
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39. Forever Wild
40. Dugger Mountain Wilderness
44. Forest History
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57. National Forests in Alabama
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